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business model

P2P Lending Business Model

P2P Lending Business Model: How Investment Platforms Make Money Peer to peer lending is expanding quickly and platforms are emerging from all corners of the world. While it is easy to keep up with the new dynamics in the p2p sector, one aspect that can really affect how the platform functions seem to have escaped […]

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loan originator

What is a Loan Originator

What is a Loan Originator? What is His Role in P2P Lending? If you have been using peer to peer lending platform, you must have heard of the term loan originator. But do you know what a loan originator is, and his role in p2p lending? Today we are going to examine the loan originator […]

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p2p lending india

P2P lending in India

The P2P lending market in India The Peer to Peer lending Indian market has been on the rise for quite some time. In fact, the first P2P lending service providers have been active in the country since early 2014. However, there was no regulation until 2017. It was late in September 2017 when RBI (Reserve […]

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