Stock Market Course

GoalAt the end of the course, you will be able to understand how the stock market works, analyze stocks and start investing with the adapted tools.
For who is it?A person with or without stock market knowledge and willing to learn to invest.
Answered questions– How the stock market works?
– How to invest in the stock market?
– How to analyze and pick stocks?
– What are the best tools to invest?
Duration55 min

Course content

I. Stock Market Fundamentals

Why should I invest in the Stock Market?3 min
What are the Stock Market returns?3 min
About Stock Market fundamentals4 min
About Stock Exchanges5 min
About Stock Market Indexes13 min
Stocks fundamentals12 min
What to trade other than Stocks?13 min
Stock Market Risks6 min
Stock Market Terminology (coming soon)

II. How to evaluate stocks

Coming soon

III. Online trading

Coming soon
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