Best Metaverse NFTs: Which NFTs to buy?

best metaverse NFTs

The best metaverse NFTs leverage the power of blockchain technology, play-to-earn, and metaverse economies in digital content creation.

For years, magazines, books, newspapers, and websites have thrived on the reader’s desire to chime in. At first, there were letters to the editor, then came testimonials, reviews, and fan fiction.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) technology is now putting a new spin on user-generated content (UGC) creation, a marketing trend as old as the content creation industry.

First, they are an incredible organic and consumer-driven collective technology adoption phenomena that have created the new industrial economy. Through them, individuals in immersive virtual worlds can leverage economic incentive protocols in decentralized applications (dApps).

Their users can earn rewards for time and effort spent creating content on blockchain platforms. The best metaverse NFTs also leverage GameFi. GameFi combines the old-fashioned thrill of economic incentives, UGC, and blockchain technology, rewarding digital platform users with tokens in a play-to-earn environment.

DApps also support passive income generation through staking, yield farming, and liquidity mining protocols. Consequently, the best metaverse NFTs are creating a new type of worker or virtual manufacturer that earns rewards for their digital footprint.

Their shared virtual worlds will soon mirror the real world, digitizing cities, play, and work environments through advances in 5G communication and virtual reality. Consequently, NFTs, metaverses, and play-to-earn ecosystems will enhance inclusion and democratize asset ownership.

The features of the best metaverse NFTs

They signify support of communal experiences

The best metaverse NFTs provide access to social and communal experiences in next-generation metaverses such as the Bit.Country metaverse network or the Aavegotchi Gotchiverse. They also are a sign of support for a metaverse project. Through them, like-minded metaverse users can band together and generate kindred content.

They are an extension of reality.

NFT avatars are a digital representation of a metaverse traveler. You can create and curate your virtual identity and digital experience through them.

Virtual real estate ownership

The best metaverse NFTs support the creation and development of virtual real estate. As an illustration, you can sell your Decentraland NFT for profit or host a virtual event on it and generate an income.

7 Best Metaverse NFTs

Virtual world
NFT Supply
Native token
Axie Infinity
The Sandbox
Somnium VR space
Aavegotchi Gotchiverse


Decentraland sales

Figure: Decentraland sales (source:

Decentraland is one of the best metaverse NFTs. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, work on  Decentraland ‘s Second World-like environment kicked off in 2015.  

However, its Argentinian builders, Esteban Ordino and Ari Meilich launched the project in 2017. Decentraland’s shared virtual world use case is the trade of digital real estate. It also supports gaming and virtual world exploration.

On top of that, its protocols support interactive dApp implementation, peer-to-peer communication, and in-world payments. In addition, you can host concerts and exhibitions in its three-dimensional virtual space.

Decentraland virtual land or parcels are NFTs that you can purchase using MANA, its native token. The cost of land parcels differs due to factors such as nearness to resources, roads, or the epicenter.

Its virtual land users can organize their parcels of land into districts. Districts are themed communities that pool together users that have shared interests. Districts, therefore, can hold themed events and have common use cases.

Decentraland has a finite 90,601 land parcels. The first pieces of Decentraland virtual land parcels sold for $20 worth. Today, its metaverse NFTs go for an average of $19,000, averaging a weekly sales volume of $2.7 million.

However, the Decentraland DAO could vote on parcel increase in the future. Decentraland protocols significantly ease UGC creation on its metaverse. Its seamless and easy-to-use interface supports building via pre-built scenes.

You, however, do not have to be a builder to spend time in Decentraland. Log in in your digital form and explore its vast centers. Decentraland is currently the second-largest metaverse project by sales volume as per data.

It is also the 3rd largest NFT project in sales volume as per OpenSea data. Decentraland’s success is only rivaled by CryptoPunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club. In November 2021, the Metaverse Group bought a six thousand square-foot parcel of land on Decentraland for a whopping $2.4 million or 618,000 MANA.

The MANA token supports value transfer on Decentraland transactions. MANA  has a fixed supply of 2.6 billion tokens and sells at  $2.3405 with a market cap of $3.54B.

Axie Infinity

 Axie Infinity sales

Figure: Axie Infinity sales (source: DappRadar)

Axie infinity‘s success was the catalysis of the blockchain metaverse trend. A prominent play-to-earn gaming project, one of the best metaverse NFTs. Its play-to-earn concept launched in 2018, creating a rewarding environment for gamers for tasks such as completing certain game levels.

Its metaverse’s main objective is to collect and breed monster pets or Axies. Axies are NFTs that retail in the NFT open marketplace in the form of NFTs. Axie infinity metaverse, or Lunacia, is Ethereum land-based and is subdivided into 90601 plots.

Lunacia is the home of the Axies and, in NFT form, is tradeable on the NFT marketplaces such as  Axie infinity marketplace and OpenSea. Axie Infinity land provides loads of passive income generation opportunities.

You can, for instance, upgrade your tokenized plot of land by building resource nodes using your Pokémon like per monsters. Use your Axies to collect game resources such as herbs, stone, wood, crystals, and goo. You could also collect AXS tokens from your land.

Lunacia has Savannah, Forest, Arctic, Mystic, Genesis, and Luna’s Landing land NFTs. These land NFTs have common, rare, epic, and mystic rarity levels. Axie Infinity’s NFT sales have now crossed the  $4 billion mark. Six months ago, these NFTs had a $1.1 billion trading volume.

As per DappRadar data, the Axie Infinity marketplace is the 4th largest by trading volume, after OpenSea, LooksRare, and CryptoPunks. For example, in November 2021, one buyer paid $2.3 million or 550 ETH for an Axie infinity plot1  Axie infinity’s native token is AXS and is currently retailing at $47.


Cryptovoxels sales

Figure: Cryptovoxels sales (source: OpenSea)

Cryptovoxels is yet another excellent metaverse NFTs project on the Ethereum blockchain. You can purchase land on Cryptovoxels’ virtual world and build or rent it to other users that wish to practice their world-building prowess.

Cryptovoxels’s metaverse closely resembles that of Minecraft. In addition, its virtual world incorporates Facebook-like social media elements in the form of text, images, gifs, and scripts.

Consequently, you can build art galleries and stores on Cryptovoxels. Additionally, this metaverse supports complex games and protocols, avatars, and editing tools.

Cryptovoxels grids and assets trade in The Cryptovoxels Parcel (CVPA) is its NFT representation of land in Origin City. CVPA has a 5,919-maximum supply.

The Sandbox

The sandbox volumes

Figure: The sandbox volumes (source: OpenSea)

Brands love The Sandbox metaverse. The Sandbox, for instance, has partnerships with the Smurfs on their Virtual Smurfs Village LAND and the Care Bears’ Care-a-Lot virtual world. In addition, you can build a ‘The Walking Dead’ experience on The Sandbox’s The Walking Dead metaverse via their Game Maker toolkit.

The Sandbox has not only lured in brands but individual builders and celebrities too. As an illustration, Snoop Dogg has brought The Doggies to the Sandbox via the  Snoop Dogg Metaverse Experience.

The rapper’s The Sandbox metaverse supports an Early Access pass and the Snoop Private Party Pass token. This NFT gives its buyers access to Snoop’s concerts on his metaverse. The Sandbox is, therefore, one of the best metaverse NFTs.

Here, users can create digital assets in NFT form, upload them in the marketplace and integrate them into games via a game maker. The game maker supports easy 3D games development. You do not need coding experience to leverage The Sandbox’s visual scripting tools. 

Therefore, the Sandbox has three designs and monetizes in-game assets and experiences features. The first is Vox Edit, a modeling tool that creates and animates 3D objects, people, animals, or scenery. Vox Edits users can then mint NFTs by purchasing  SAND tokens.

The Sandbox’s game marker builds monetizable games and experiences via a drag and drop tool. Users can position 3D objects and implement gameplay mechanics without knowledge of code.

There are 166,464 LAND NFTs, and they have the second-largest trading volumes of all time of all virtual world NFTs. Its native token SAND has a 3,000,000,000 supply and is selling at $2.92.

Somnium VR Space

Somnium Space metaverse

Figure: Somnium Space (source: Somnium Space)

Somnium Space is a virtual reality metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain. You can build, explore and trade the best metaverse NFTs on it. All Somnium Space land NFTs are fully programmable, giving users access to a VR experience in the metaverse. The

Somnium Space’s metaverse protocols include a structure and environments builder module and a creation SDK. Consequently, you can customize your property and avatars and monetize your virtual reality experience.

The beauty of the Somnium Space metaverse is that it is not sub-server-based. Instead, it is a singular vast world accessible through CUBE, its utility token. It’s PARCELs NFTs or Somnium Space Land Parcels form the backbone of all its virtual world-building experiences.

 Its AVATARs, on the other hand, are full-body VR digital representations that are not only blockchain interoperable but tradeable.


Bit.Country metaverse

Figure: Bit.Country (source: Bit.Country)

In November 2021, the Bit.Country metaverse network had an extraordinary event. It secured over 100 million dollars in locked Kusama (KSM) to fund its development. Bit.Country’s metaverse supports the development of the 3D world, maps, and game NFTs.

It is one of the best virtual worlds NFTs for perpetual 3D world-building. Its native token NUUM transfers value with the network and has a supply of 1 billion tokens. The Bit.Country Continuum is its metaverse map.

An on-chain algorithm distributes new metaverse slots to users, giving each slot owner virtual space on the Continuum. Bit.Country has 100,000 land blocks. You can access your Bit.Country land blocks on a mobile and desktop app.

Aavegotchi Gotchiverse

 Aavegotchi Gotchiverse metaverse

Figure: Aavegotchi Gotchiverse (source: Aavegotchi Gotchiverse)

Singapore-based Pixelcraft Studios founded Aavegotchi in September 2020. Aavegotchi is a crypto collectible game based on the Ethereum network, allowing users to purchase and grow Aavegotchis. Aavegotchis are NFTs that explore and interact with the Gotchiverse.

Technically, Aavegotchis are playable NFTs that act as interest-bearing banks designed by staking Defi tokens directly within the NFT through a process known as nesting. The platform’s native token is the  GHST token. You can use it to buy Aavegotchi and items in it.

This Crypto Kitties-style NFT metaverse has powerful DeFi features and is morphing to a Play-to-Earn Game application in early 2022. Consequently, its metaverse will require Aavegotchi to play in the Gotchiverse. 

An Aavegotchi will set you back a few GHST tokens that players can earn via rarity farming, voting in the AavegotchiDAO, and partaking of the metaverses mini-games.

 There are 16,000 land parcels known as realms. Realms come in three different sizes, with these being humble, reasonable, and spacious realms depending on the amount of ERC20 interest-bearing tokens nested within each plot.

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