Mintos Auto-invest setup

Mintos Auto-invest setup

About Minto Auto-invest functionality

Mintos offers a super developed auto-invest functionality, which I believe is one of the best on the market between all the platforms. You will be able to configure:

  • Return rate
  • Loan duration
  • Payback guarantee
  • Country of loan originator
  • Loan originator and the associated risk
  • Type of loan

With Mintos auto-invest functionality you should also be able to configure a portfolio which should be able to generate +11% of return per year.


How to configure Mintos Auto-invest

Step 1: Open the Auto-invest configuration panel

  1. Click on the “Auto Invest” button in the top menu
  2. Click on the blue button “Create new Auto Invest strategy”


Step 2: Mintos Investment strategy vs custom strategy

Mintos offers you to chose between to Auto-Invest solutions:

  • To select a Mintos Investment Strategy which has been preconfigured: this solution is easy to configure but returns will be lower than the custom strategy as Mintos also build this preconfigured strategy to push people to invest in less interesting loans
  • To configure a Custom Strategy: this solution will give you higher returns and you have a lot of flexibility in deciding what to invest in

I will continue the explanation on the configuration fo the Custom Strategy as the returns are the highest between all choices.

  1. Click on the “Custom Strategy” button


Step 3: Select to currency to invest in

At first, you need to select in which currency you want to invest and if you want to invest in new or resold loans

  1. In the dropdown “Currency” select the currency you would like to invest in: e.g. EUR
  2. In the section “Market” click on primary market to auto-invest in new loans (if you select secondary market it will buy loans from other investors that sell them)


Step 4: Select the loan originators

  1. Uncheck all the loan originators that are under B (e.g C+, C, C-, D, …)
  2. Uncheck all the checks under the shiels with a red line so you won’t invest in loans without buyback guaratee (which means that the loan company will give you back the money of the loan if the borrower cannot pay it back

Step 5: Configure interest rate and loan term


  1. Interest Rate: configure a rate higher than 12%
  2. Loan Term: configure it less than 3 months (so you will invest in shorter loans, you will receive returns earlier and will reinvest them


Step 6: Configure portfolio general information

  1. Strategy name: choose the name you want
  2. Portfolio size: set how much money will be investment maximum by this automatic portflio
  3. Investment in One Loan: set to 10.00 (it’s the size of each loan you invest in. Keep it small as possible to 10 EUR to spread risk on multiple borrowers)
  4. Do you want to reinvest: Yes (you will reinvest in loans you already invested in)
  5. Include loans already invested in: Yes
  6. Diversify across loan originators: Yes
  7. Save


Step 7: Last advice

Since it is sometimes difficult to find loans at 12% return rate, I advice you to create 3 different auto-invest portfolgio, as you see in the picture below

In this case, if Minos cannot find loans at 12%, he will then try to find loans at 11.5% and if he don’t manage , he will search to invest in loans at 11%.

The more money you want to invest and the more difficult it will be to invest it at a higher return. In this case you will have two possibilities:

  • Create more auto-invest portfolios with lower rate following the above: 10.5%, 10%, etc …
  • Increate the size of the “Investment in one loan” to a number bigger than 10 EUR

I wish this explanation was usefull for you, and enjoy investment with Mintos.

Please read my summarized review of Mintos to start investing with Mintos

(earn additional 0.75% of your investment amount the first 90 days)