Mine Bitcoins on an Android Phone using CryptoTab

Mine Bitcoins on an Android Phone

Bitcoin is the world’s first and the most popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is often called the king of the cryptocurrency market as it is the most expensive one. In 2021, it hit two times ever highest prices of $64,800 and $68,000 in April and November 2021, respectively. Because of all these reasons, everyone wants to own Bitcoin. There are many ways to earn Bitcoin, such as mining, trading, etc. But have you heard about earning Bitcoin while surfing the internet? It may appear too good to be accurate, but CryptoTab has made it possible. In this article, we will discuss how to mine Bitcoins on an Android phone using CryptoTab.

So, let’s get started!

What is Bitcoin mining?

bitcoin mining
Figure: Bitcoin Mining (source: PacketWatch)

Bitcoin mining is a process in which Bitcoin transactions are verified and added to the blockchain ledger. Bitcoin miners use powerful computers to solve complex mathematical problems. There happens competition among computers, the one who first solves this problem gets the right to add a block to the blockchain, and in return earns Bitcoin. 

During 2022 and 2023, miners will be earning 6.25 Bitcoins for mining each successful block. The number of Bitcoins earned by mining is halved every four years. In 2024, miners will be earning 3.125 Bitcoins per block. 

Though Bitcoin mining has become complex over time, still Android phones can be used to mine Bitcoins in a simple manner. 

How to Mine Bitcoin on an Android Phone

Bitcoin mining is an expensive and energy-thirsty process. But if you want to mine Bitcoins on an Android phone using apps and browsers is it very simple, as it does not require many resources and is rewarding as well. One such example is CryptoTab, which has made Bitcoin mining simple via their web browser. 

What is CryptoTab?

cryptotab mining browser

CryptoTab is the world’s first browser with integrated mining features. It combines the edgiest web technologies with a unique built-in mining algorithm that allows users to earn Bitcoin while surfing the internet. 

CryptoTab browser is available for both smartphones (Android and iOS) and desktops (Windows and Apple). More than 25 million people around the globe are happy users of the CryptoTab Brower.

CryptoTab Mobile Browser

cryptotab mobile browser

CryptoTab has created CryptoTab Brower Mobile, similar to Chrome in user experience but combined with extremely high-speed mining. It allows users to earn Bitcoin by only using their mobile devices. Users will be generating Bitcoin every time they go online. 

CryptoTab LITE vs CryptoTab PRO

CryptoTab Mobile offers two choices: LITE & PRO. 

The LITE version is free to use but offers limited options. Whereas, for using the PRO version, you have to pay approximately $4.47, one time fee. 

The following figure compares CryptoTab LITE & PRO versions.

cryptotab lite vs pro
Figure: CryptoTab Browser Mobile LITE vs. PRO (source: CryptoTab)

Generate Bitcoins Using CryptoTab Mobile Browser

You can start to mine Bitcoins on an Android phone using this browser on your mobile by following the mentioned steps. 

  • Download the CryptoTab Browser 
  • If you plan to use the PRO version, you will have to make a payment first; otherwise, with the LITE version, you can proceed by clicking the Download button. 
  • When the installation is completed, open the app, and click on “Accept & Continue.”
  • Sign-up by entering your email address and confirming the email address.
  • From the left bottom corner, reach “CRYPTOTAB DASHBOARD.”
  • Click on “Turn on,” fill the captcha, and your mining will be started. 
  • You have to open the application after every 3 hours, turn it on, and fill the captcha again to restart mining. 
  • After every 3 hours, you will be paid some Bitcoin amount. 

You can easily withdraw BTC from CryptoTab Brower to your BTC wallet and then into your bank account. You must have at least 0.00001 BTC to request for withdrawal. 

The idea about how much you can earn per month is unclear. It is because it totally depends on the hash rate and how many times you restart the mining after every 3 hours. But you can boost your earnings through their referral program.

You can invite friends to get an extra percentage of earnings in Bitcoins via their affiliate program. You will be earning a commission depending upon the network size and members’ activity. The more referral you make, the more you will earn.

Just to give you an idea, CryptoTab made a 10-level referral program, with decreasing earning at each level, as you can see in the image below.

cryptotab 10-levels referral
Figure: 10-levels referral program (source: CryptoTab)

They also provide a simulator, for you to estimate your potential affiliate earning. Here is the simulation in the figure below if you invite 5 friends and that each of these friends invite 4 friends.

cryptotab referrals calculation
Figure: Estimated affiliate earning with CryptoTab (source: CryptoTab)

Features of CryptoTab Browser Mobile

  • The browser is highly secure to use.
  • It does not slow down or freezes your device.
  • It can sync everything across your multiple devices.
  • It has a user-friendly interface. 
  • The browser also offers Incognito mode.  

Trade your mined crypto

Once you have mined bitcoins using CryptoTab, you should leverage a bitcoin trading platform to exchange and store your crypto.

Bitcoin trading is speculating on the movement of Bitcoin prices. It is a complex process that requires a lot of time, knowledge, experience, monitoring, and analysis; otherwise, you will end up losing your money. But there are many apps in the market that allow traders to earn very easily without any prior trading experience. Bitcoin Equaliser is one such app that allows users to earn Bitcoin by helping them trade most effectively. 

Figure: Bitcoin Equaliser (source: bitcoin equaliser)

Bitcoin Equaliser started to help new traders to begin trading safely & effectively and to make money out of this sector without having to go through trading complications. The developers behind the app have put time, money, and effort combined with knowledge and experience to develop a reliable and easy-to-use application that can help everyone equally. 

Unique Features of Bitcoin Equaliser

  • It does not charge any fee on registration, funding, or withdrawals. 
  • The app is compatible with any device having a stable internet connection.
  • Registration and setting up an account are straightforward.
  • Funding and withdrawal methods are quick and straightforward.
  • You are not only earning with this app, but it is designed to help you learn at every step as well.
  • The team behind the app is experienced and continuously monitoring the app to make it better each day. 

Bitcoin is the market giant, and you should not miss any chance to earn Bitcoin and then in such easiest ways.

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