Bitcoin Mining Security – Threats to Be Aware Of

Cryptocurrency is a booming financial industry with millions of users globally. As it is a virtual currency, so comes along with various threats. Bitcoin mining is one of the cryptocurrency sectors that attracted the attention of cyberattacks. Bitcoin miners face numerous security threats every day, affecting their potential yield out of mining. This blog will discuss bitcoin mining security threats to be aware of, how you can avoid those threats, and how you can increase your profit. 

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What is Bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining is the process of creating new Bitcoins by solving complex computational problems. It consists of multiple powerful computers competing to solve this mathematical problem. The first computer (miner) that solves this problem is rewarded with Bitcoin. 

When a miner solves the problem, a transaction is recorded in a blockchain ledger. Bitcoin miner ensures the decentralized system of accounting-blockchain, for digital currency, is secure and maintained.  

Security threats to be aware of

At the start, Bitcoin mining was very easy. Even desktop computers or an Android phone could be used for generating a fair number of Bitcoins. But over time, cryptocurrencies are matured, making the mining process complicated. Today’s computational problems solved by mining require a significant amount of computing power. That’s why mining has become very risky these days. 

The following are security threats associated with Bitcoin mining.


crypto jacking

In cryptojacking, someone takes control of your hardware and uses it for his purpose. But the victim has no idea even it is happening. Hackers develop malware that can utilize the computational power on the victim’s computer. The victim’s computer won’t produce many Bitcoins; even it is working at its full capacity. It is because the malware will be mining Bitcoin into the hacker’s wallet. 

The main goal of hackers through cryptojacking is to infect as many users as possible and take a little computational power from thousands, even millions of computers. These chunks of computational power, when added up, can start mining with a steady stream of Bitcoins.  

It generally happens when the victim visits any disreputable websites. It is estimated that 50 out of every 100,000 devices have encountered cryptojacking. 

Private Key Theft

Private Key Theft

When Bitcoins are mined, they go into the miner’s wallet, like when purchasing crypto. It means miners have to protect their wallets as well. The private key is the only way to access the wallet, and in case the miner loses his private key, he will lose everything in it. 

For example, if he has stored the private keys on a notepad document on his computer. A hacker can easily steal it by merely gaining access to his computer. 

If the miner visits any phishing link or any disreputable website, it can happen. 

Compromising Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi

Sometimes miners themselves start compromising public Wi-Fi networks to access users’ devices to utilize their computing power. A security breach happened at a coffee shop in Buenos Aires in which malware infected and caused a 10-second delay when connecting to the café’s Wi-Fi network. The hacker used this time to access the user’s laptop for mining.

How to avoid Bitcoin mining security threats?

You know little about Bitcoin mining threats. The following are some tips to avoid these threats and keep your devices safe. 

Avoid public Wi-Fi networks

Public Wi-Fi networks are not secure. If you connect to these networks, your device will open up to various threats, and your information can easily be exposed. 

Use a VPN


A virtual private network (VPN) can provide you a secure connection to the internet. You can consider using a reputable product to avoid third parties reading your data when you are away from your work network. 

Avoid phishing links

phishing links

Phishing links are like usual website links but may cause large security breaches. Therefore, never click on unknown and untrusted links sent by anyone. 


Through Bitcoin mining, you are earning Bitcoins, and by learning tips against security threats, your coins are safe. Like every Bitcoin enthusiast, you surely want to increase your gains over your assets. Bitcoin holding is rewarding, but it takes years. On the other hand, trading can help you earn profits comparatively quickly. 

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