Best Crypto Signals: Know when to buy or sell crypto

Cryptocurrency investments are highly rewarding. Crypto trading is such an option in the crypto industry that has created many millionaires. Whether you are a beginner in crypto trading or an experienced trader, your ultimate goal is to make profits. However, crypto trading is complex. You may find it challenging to select a coin or when you should buy particular crypto, etc. But crypto signals enable you to get advice directly from experienced traders. Many crypto traders use crypto signals to aid their trading. The market is flooded with crypto signals providers. Therefore, choosing the best crypto signals is difficult.

Don’t stress out! In this detailed guide, we will discuss what are crypto signals, their benefits, how to select signal providers, the best cryptocurrency signals, and many more.

So, let’s get started.

What are crypto signals?

Cryptocurrency signals or crypto signals refer to instructions or advice from experienced crypto traders on how, and when to buy a particular cryptocurrency. Analysts carry out thorough research that involves market study, following updates, monitoring cryptocurrencies, etc. Signals providers will provide detailed information about which crypto to buy, at which price, the targeted profits level, price to set stop-loss against downside risk, and the targeted sell prices. 

Crypto signals are not just recommendations; you can directly apply them in selling or buying digital assets. But for this, you must be able to find the best crypto signals.  

How to receive crypto signals?

how to receive crypto signals
Figure: How to receive crypto signals? (elprofesor)

Crypto signal communities are generally hosted on Telegram, through Telegram groups and channels. Also, crypto signals are specific to cryptocurrency exchanges. It means you need to have an account with that exchange to trade-off signals.  Most of the groups provide signals for some major exchanges such as Binance, BitMex, Coinbase, and Bittrex. 

Most cryptocurrency users utilize Telegram to stay active in crypto communities, therefore you can easily find many crypto signal groups operating on Telegram.

Another way of receiving crypto signals is through emails. Many people do not have Telegram so they choose email signals. However, this method has a drawback, that, even you are checking your emails so often, you may miss a signal on time.

Email signals cannot be compared with instantly getting notified as soon as your provider sends you a signal, such as in Telegram. Still, this method does work for some people.

These days many crypto signal communities are also operating through Discord. These groups send signals daily to members looking for advice to trade.

Crypto signal providers: Free and Paid Groups

There are generally two types of crypto groups: free and paid, each providing different benefits. The following figure points out the difference between paid and free crypto signal groups.

Figure: Comparison of crypto signal providers (elprofesor)

Free crypto signal group

In this Telegram group, you do not have to pay for joining the group. Non-paying individuals who are interested in the premium group generally join this group first.  It provides an opportunity for crypto signal providers to show these non-paying members the profit they can make if they join the paid group.

Though it is free to join, you could be receiving signals from top traders, that can build your trust in the providers.

Paid crypto signal group

If you are receiving returns by following a signal provider and you decide to trust that service, then you can sign up for the paid group. You will be receiving high-value premium signals that non-paying members have no access to. Many premium memberships offer educational and community resources to help you through understand trading as well.

Since users are paying in this case, it puts a lot of pressure on the signal provider to be successful. Therefore, your chances of success also increase.

In terms of pricing, you will have to pay a monthly fee for the service. You can pay in cryptocurrency or through a credit card.

Benefits of crypto signals

crypto signals benefits
Figure: Benefits of crypto signals (elprofesor)

The following are the benefits of joining a crypto signals group.

Signals can make you earn profits

Crypto signal groups can help you make money by receiving advice from those who know how the market works. Though you may not see many stories of people becoming millionaires by following these groups, they can easily add extra profits to your monthly returns. Obviously, if it is not, then why do a large number of people join these groups?

With that being said, you need to be a part of trustworthy signal providers to earn extra.

You do not have to conduct research

Another advantage of crypto signals is that you can save a lot of time by leaving the research to someone else. You do have to spend hours looking at charts, analyzing the market, tracking cryptocurrencies, and many more.

If you are generating returns, more than you paid for the subscription of the signal group, and without committing additional time to research, then you are doing well.

You get an opportunity to learn from experts

Joining a crypto signal group provides you an opportunity to learn from experts who are good at spotting profitable traders. Providers conduct thorough technical analyses and provide the detailed rationale behind each signal they send. You can read these posts to learn. You can also learn from active members of the group.  

Constant updates

Through crypto signal groups, you can stay constantly up-to-date with all the latest events in the cryptocurrency world.

How to find the best crypto signal provider?

There is high demand for crypto signals and the crypto market is full of signal providers promising huge returns. But only a few providers are following such claims. Therefore, it is crucial to take time to identify and select the best cryptocurrency signals provider.

The following are some parameters that can help you to identify the most reliable signal provider:

  • Free trial or money-back guarantee
  • Expert traders and analysts
  • Performance
  • Reputation
  • Trading strategy

Free trial or money-back guarantee

The best crypto signal providers will allow you to test their service before purchasing the membership. It could be done in various forms. The offers can be a trial period, demo trading, or money-back guarantee. The main purpose is to give you time to know about the platform.

If you are satisfied with their service, then you can buy a subscription.

Expert traders and analysts

The quality of signals you will receive from a group depends upon the expertise of its team. Take some time to look at the qualifications and experience of the brains behind the group you choose.


Check the win/accuracy rate of the signal providers to get an idea about their overall performance. The most reliable crypto signal providers usually have an accuracy rate of more than 65%. Check out the time frame during the day at which trade takes place.

However, avoid those groups that offer a perfect win rate.


The best method to learn about the group is to hear about its performance from its users. Customer reviews and listening from people who have used it can provide you with the most accurate perspective of its service.

Trading strategy

Different signal providers use different strategies for trading. The best crypto signal providers generally rely on technical analysis. Therefore, choose according to your requirements.

How do crypto signals look like?

The following are some pictures of several crypto signals:

  • Learn 2 Trade
  • Fat Pig Signals
  • Universal Crypto Signals
  • Verified Crypto News
crypto signal example 1
Figure: Example of Learn2Trade and Fat Pig Signals
crypto signal example 2
Figure: Example of Universal Crypto Signals and Verified Crypto News

You can read the crypto signals easily if you understand the information mentioned in the signals. The following are the terms generally used in crypto signals.

  • Instrument: It specifies which cryptocurrency you should buy.
  • Order: The advice you(trader) should/must follow.
  • Entry price: It refers to the price at which you should buy the asset. 
  • Stop loss: An automatic trading mechanism to limit the maximum loss of a trade if market prices reach a specified value.
  • Target: Target or sell-target is the price at which you should sell the cryptocurrency to earn a profit.
  • Recommended risk: The percentage of risk involved in the trade. 
  • RRR: RRR is the abbreviation for the Risk/Reward Ratio. It is the minimum return you can earn for every dollar you risk on an investment. If the RRR is 1.5, it means an investor should risk $1 for the prospect of earning $5 on his investment.

Best crypto signals

Finding a crypto signal service that suits you can take some trial and error. The parameters mentioned earlier can help you to narrow down your research. However, to save your time, we have listed below the most popular crypto signals services and their description.

HIRN Signals

HIRN Signals
Figure: HIRN Signals

Best for Binance spot trading

Signals Type: Telegram

HIRN Signals is known for its great performance, run by experienced and professional traders. They use artificial intelligence (AI) for accurate predictions. They generate signals via technical and fundamental analysis and keep on optimizing signals to reduce risk. HIRN offers a wide range of services that enable investors to better manage their investments. They also have a blog section to provide details about signals they issue.

HIRN provides both free and premium signals. Their paid service starts from $35 and offers a variety of signals.

Fat Pig Signals

Fat Pig Signals
Figure: Fat Pig Signals

Best for newbies and people with a sense of humor

Signals Type: Telegram

Fat Pig Signals is based on pure analysis, led by experienced traders with some sense of humor. The conversations on the channel are highly engaging. The analysts do a detailed analysis of the cryptocurrency market and issue signals ranging from short-term to long-term signals, and portfolio management as well. They enable traders to diversify their portfolios to reduce loss risks.

Fat Pig Signals offers only paid subscriptions. They offer different packages. The bronze package costs ETH 0.50 ($2023) for 3 months.

Signals Blue

Signals Blue
Figure: Signals Blue

Best for Newbies and traders looking for support

Signals Type: Telegram

Signals Blue is another well-known crypto signal provider. It is run by a trans-Atlantic team of highly experienced and knowledgeable crypto traders. The team provides unlimited support and high-quality answers to questions to users. With Signals Blue you can get training with proposed trainers. They publish signals supported by thorough analysis and experts’ advice. Signals Blue reports having a high accuracy across crypto signals, 86.21% as of November 2021.

Signals Blue also offers Cornix Integration and API-Webhook Signals and charge based on the package selected. However, the 1-month package starts from $305.

Rocket Wallet

Rocket Wallet Signals
Figure: Rocket Wallet Signals (source: BeInCrypto)

Best for margin trading

Signals Type: Telegram

Rocket Wallet is popular for services provided to its members with paid subscriptions. They get detailed insights into the market situation. They also offer VIP Chat groups for discussion on signals and trends. Rocket Wallet provides signals for both spot trading and margin trading. They also allow members to learn about trading techniques.

Their premium service starts from $90 per month.

Universal Crypto Signals

Figure: Universal Crypto Signals

Best for traders looking for analysis

Signals Type: Telegram

Universal Crypto Signals is run by Indian analysts. They provide detailed analysis through Bitcoin signals. The team has a successful self-developed trading strategy. They provide accurate trade signals with precisions in all kinds of market conditions. They also provide advice on what percentage of portfolio members should invest in various cryptos.

Universal Crypto Signals offer six packages with different services starting from $66 for a 1-month service.

Verified Crypto Signals

Verified Crypto Signals
Figure: Verified Crypto Signals

Best for sophisticated traders

Signals Type: Telegram

Verified Crypto Signals is a prominent name in the crypto signals sector. It is the only signal provider service that is registered within a legal framework, the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands. The team consists of experienced traders from the Netherlands, Poland, India, and the USA.  They provide valuable coin recommendations based on fundamental technical market analysis.

Verified Crypto Signals offer four different plans starting from $99 per month. Their signal plans come with free Auto-Trading.

Learn2Trade Signals

Figure: Learn2Trade

Best for traders seeking to learn

Signals Type: Telegram

Learn2Trade is a signals provider service led by experienced traders having more than 15 years of experience. The team provides many opportunities for training and information through weekly webinars to help traders learn. The group offers daily analysis on what is happening in the cryptocurrency market.

Learn2Trade is a free educational program for traders. It claims to have 70% accuracy.

Crypto Signals Comparison

The following table compares the best crypto signals.

Crypto Signals
Signals Type
Best for
Forecast frequency
HIRN Signals
Binance, Houbi, FTX
Binance spot trading
Not Available
Starts from $35
Fat Pig Signals
Binance, BitMEX, Bybit
More than 75%
1-3 signals per day
Starts from 0.5 ETH ($2023) for 3 months
Signals Blue
Binance, Gemini, KuCoin, Kraken
Newbies and traders looking for support
Multiple times in a day
Starts from $305
Rocket Wallet
Binance, BitMEX, Bybit
Margin trading
1-3 signals daily
Starts from $90
Universal Crypto Signals  
Binance, Bybit, BitMEX, Bittrex, Coinbase, Huobi, KuCoin
Traders looking for analysis
NA (but is reported to have high accuracy)
1-5 times per day
Starts from $66
Verified Crypto Signals
Binance, BitMEX, Bybit, Coinbase
Sophisticated traders  
No set frequency
Starts from $99
Learn2Trade Signals
Traders seeking to learn
3 to 5 signals daily
Table: Cryptocurrency signal providers comparison


Cryptocurrency signals can be very beneficial if you are a part of a reliable group. Paid signal providers are generally preferred over free as they offer enhanced services. If you are completely depending on crypto signals for trading, then it is very important for you to choose the best crypto signals. Among the signals providers mentioned in this article, Fat Pig Signals, Universal Crypto Signals, and Verified Crypto Signals are considered more reliable in the crypto signals industry. However, your demands and experience could be different. Therefore, you must take time to find out what best matches your requirements.

Whether you are a new learner or a seasoned professional, keep educating yourself through the knowledge shared in crypto signals groups. You never know which strategy will work the best for you!

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