Esketit Review: Earn passive income by investing in consumer loans

Esketit Review 2021 | Is this Creamfinance platform worth it?Invest | 1% BONUS
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About Esketit


Esketit is a platform for investing in Creamfinance Group loans and loans issued by other companies owned by CreamFinance co-founders Matiss Ansviesulis and Davis Barons. Davis and Matiss have 10+ years of experience in issuing loans. During their years in the business, they have never defaulted or lost any of investors’ funds. Let’s look into details into Esketit with this Esketit review.

Esketit offers short-term, installment, and business loans.  Anyone who has a bank account in European Economic Area can become an investor. For now, all investments available on the platform are in euro.

How it works

  • The loan originator is issuing the loan according to their risk methodology.
  • The loan is then published on the marketplace, and investors can invest in it. 
  • Investing can be done automatically with an auto-invest strategy or manually.

Esketit interest rates

This Esketit review looked also at the interest rates:

  • For CreamFinance loans investors can earn up to 13%. 
  • For loans from Jordan and Sri Lanka – 14%. 

Most of loans are short term. There are also longer term loans. But most of them not longer than half a year.


Is Esketit safe?

  • The founders of Esketit have an outstanding track record of being in business for over ten years and never losing any investors’ money. 
  • All loans available on Esketit come with a buyback obligation, and Creamfinance loans also come with a Group guarantee.
  • Creamfinance is a loan originator whose strategic investor is the largest retail bank in South Africa, Capitec.

Pros & Cons

+ 10+ years of experience
+ Founders state they have never defaulted
+ Creamfinance has a powerful strategic investor, the biggest retail bank in Africa, Capitec
+ Better rates for Creamfinance loans than anywhere else on the market
– New platform, but very experienced management

Esketit investment details

Investment currencies
Return on investment (ROI)
12-14% per year
rank 5/5
Minimum investment
10 EUR
rank 5/5
Investment period
1 month to 1 year
rank 5/5
Default rate
rank 5/5
Investment fees
rank 5/5
Buyback Guarantee

Investment types

  • Consumer loans
  • Business loans

Investment example

  • Investors can filter loans by country, term, duration, loan originator, and whether it offers buyback obligation. 
  • After an investment has been made, the investor receives an Assignment agreement confirming their investment.

Esketit bonus and cashback

Go on Esketit or use the button below to register and get a 1% bonus.

Invest | 1% BONUS

Bonus: 1% cashback of the invested amount during the first 90 days after signup.

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