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Mintos App

About Mintos Mobile App

Mintos mobile app will allow you to make investments on Mintos and to manage more easily your investment portfolio. Mintos announced that it will launch this mobile application end of 2019 (initially planned in October).

The mobile application is being designed based on users’ and investors’ feedbacks and requests.

mintos mobile app

Figure: Mintos Mobile App illustration (non-representative)

The mobile application is part of Mintos’ strategy to increase its market share in the peer to peer lending and finance industry.

During 2019, Mintos is planning launch 3 products:

  • Mintos Mobile App: invest and manage investments on Mintos
  • Mintos bank account with IBAN: send and receive money (probably in multi-currencies)
  • Mintos debit card: withdraw cash from ATMs (the user won’t need anymore to ask a withdrawal from Mintos investments account, but will be able to directly pay from it)

The mobile application might concentrate all these 3 products in a iOS and Android native app making Mintos a competitor of bigger companies such as Revolut and Transferwise.

Information from the CEO

We still have very limited information about the future of an upcoming Mintos app but the confirmation of the planned release was announced by Mintos CEO Martins Sulte who declared in his statement:

“Providing customers with a personal IBAN account and debit card will mark a major leap in our services and significantly improve the user experience. Soon, everybody with their own IBAN accounts will be able to give the account details to their friends, companies or customers to get paid, to pay using a debit card, and to continue using Mintos for investing in loans around the globe and earning great returns. Our upcoming mobile app will make it even more convenient.

New Update: Mintos App Beta Tester

  • October 7th update: A group of Mintos users have received an invitation to register themselves to be Beta testers program for a new Mintos product.

The registration questions about users usage of mobile OS and mobile browsers potentially indicate the beta test launch of Mintos’ mobile app.

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