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Mintos Invest & Access

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About Mintos Invest & Access

Mintos Invest & Access is the new service from Mintos launched on June 10th, 2019.

It’s their new fully managed portfolio. Investors just have to transfer their money to their Mintos account and allocate it the Invest & Access portfolio. It will be then automatically invested with no additional effort and no fees.

Currently, 85% of Mintos investors are using the Mintos Auto Invest functionality. This new service will answer the need of the majority of the people. This functionality is ideal for new Peer to Peer lending investors since it is super easy to use.

Service functionalities

Here is the list advertised by Mintos on what you can expect using this service:

12% expected ROI
This number advertised by Mintos at service launch on 10.06. It is not guaranteed and the ROI depends on the available loans available on Mintos market.
Fully Managed and rebalanced portfolio
The portfolio is managed by Minto’s algorithms. It is dynamically rebalanced every day and all you interests are reinvested to maximize returns.
Secured and diversified investments
The loans purchased by in your Mintos Invest & Access must fulfill these rules:
  • Only loans with BuyBack guarantee
  • Only loans with A+ to C- Montos’ rating
  • Only loan originators present on Mintos for at least 6 months (= +35 companies)
Fully Managed and daily rebalanced portfolio
The portfolio is managed by Minto’s algorithms. It is dynamically rebalanced every day and all you interests are reinvested to maximize returns.
Instant withdrawal of the invested amount
You can sell your loans even if they haven’t reached their term and cashout the invested amount (however Mintos doesn’t guarantee liquidity and late loans can’t be instantly sold). Here is the process:

  • Request how much you want to withdraw via Mintos Invest & Access interface
  • Mintos sells loans to other investors (Mintos I&A first, then secondary market)
  • Mintos credits the money to your account usually instantaneously (depending on the market demand)

The only other peer to peer lending platform offering this service is Fast-Invest.

Access new loans before others
Your portfolios will access new loans first before they are listed on the primary market for Mintos auto-invest and manual investors. This is a big advantage to catch high quality and return loans.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
+ Easy to invest (just add money to your account)
+ Cashout your money when you want
+ Get new loans before others (access new loans before they appear on the primary market for Auto Invest and manual invest)
+ Investments only in BuyBack guarantee loans
– Minimum € 500 of investment
– No control on loans selection and ROI

How to stop Mintos Invest & Access

To stop this auto investing managed portfolio you need to cash out your investments and set the maximum investments limit to € 0 (this is what is advertised on Mintos website). It’s just not clear what if it’s possible to turn off the functionality if you can’t cash-out all your amount due to late loans (since we saw that late loans can’t be sold).

Note that the cashout is possible for a minimum of € 10.

mintos invest access cashout

Comparison of Mintos investing services

The following table summarises the characteristics of the 3 different ways of investing in Mintos: Invest & Access, Mintos Auto-Invest and manual investing.
mintos comparison invest access auto invest

How to start Mintos Invest & Access

Read our Mintos Review OR

You can register to Mintos by clicking the button below to benefit of the bonus.

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BONUS = 1% of your invested amount during the first 90 days after signup (paid at 30, 60 and 90 days)

How to configure Mintos Invest & Access

Connect on the Mintos platform and go to the menu Invest > Invest & Access

access menu

Insert the amount you want to invest (minimum € 500, maximum € 100’000). If you select a bigger amount than the value of your current “Available Funds”, the portfolio will automatically invest future available money until the maximum specified amount is reached.

invest access setup

Add money to your account by clicking on Add Money: You will be redirected to the deposit page to get the banking information to transfer your money.

add money

Once there are “Available funds” on your Mintos accounts, they will be automatically invested via the Invest & Access functionality. Here is how the dashboard looks. For the moment (after 5 days) it seems that the returns (13.07%) are pretty good and better than what was advertised on Mintos’ website (12.3%).

mintos invest access dashboard 14-06