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Investors Investments Founded Country
133’152 2’190 MEUR 2014 Latvia
We strongly advise investing in Mintos since it’s reliable and it has a strong track record: Mintos is one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms in Europe and it was built in 2014. Its track history makes it a stable and safe platform. The interest rates are reasonable even though they aren’t the highest you can find (maximum rates are 14%, but usually they are about 10-11%). A good characteristic it that all investment loans have a BuyBack guarantee. Finally, the greatest feature of Mintos is its high configurable auto-investment tool. This platform has no real downsides but it’s not the platform with the highest rates of return.

How works a Crowdlending platform

Investment details

Investment currencies EUR, USD, GBP, CZK, DKK, GEL, KZT, PLN, RUB, SEK
Return on investment (ROI) – average 11%
Minimum investment amount 10 EUR
Investment period 1 day – 72 months
Default rate 0.1%
Investment fees 0%
BuyBack guarantee Yes
Auto-invest Yes
Secondary market Yes
 Trustpilot Score (Safety) 8.2/10  

Investment types

Personal loans Business loans

Investment example

Investment result forecast

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BONUS = 1% of your invested amount during the first 90 days after signup (paid at 30, 60 and 90 days)

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