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Investors Investments Founded Country
4’000 58.3 M EUR 2017 Latvia
Robocash is a platform ideal for new crowdfunding investors: Robocash is really simple to use, you just need to setup the auto-invest functionality and the platform will take care of investing your money. The return rate of investments is around 12% and the short loans’ term (18 days average) will increase the returns above 12%. The downside of this platform is that we have small visibility about the loans invested in.

How works a Crowdlending platform

Investment details

Investment currencies EUR
Return on investment (ROI) – average 12%
Minimum investment amount 10 EUR
Investment period 18 days average
Default rate 0%
Investment fees 0%
BuyBack guarantee Yes
Auto-invest Yes
Secondary market No
Trustpilot Score (Safety)  

Investment types

Personal/consumer loans (microloan, installment loan)

Investment example

Investment result forecast

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