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Investors Investments Founded Country
+30’000 +13 M EUR 2005 UK
Fast Invest is a platform ideal for new crowdfunding investors: Fast Invest is really simple to use, you just need to setup the auto-invest functionality and the platform will take care of investing your money. The return rate of investments is around 12% and the loans’ term goes generally from 2 to 12 month. But you have a great Payback functionality in this platform: in addition to protecting you from default loan, the platform even allows you to sell back your loans in just 1 business day. So you don’t have to care at all at the loan term duration and you can get back your invested cash when you want!. The downside of this platform is that we don’t have clear visibility and information about the loan originators.

Another good point of this platform is that they are growing internationally, with offices in the UK and most recently also in Hong Kong and Singapour. The investments that they offer can be made in the following countries: UK, Spain, Poland, and Denmark, which allows a good diversification between different regions of Europe and not only in East Europe as many other platforms do. I thus strongly advise you to add Fast Invest to your portfolio.

How works a Crowdlending platform

Investment details

Investment currencies EUR, PLN
Return on investment (ROI) – average 12.5%
Minimum investment amount 1 EUR
Investment period > 2 months (but you can sell back your loan to the platform when you want!)
Default rate 0%
Investment fees 0%
BuyBack guarantee Yes
Auto-invest Yes
Secondary market No (but you can sell back your loans to the platform)
Trustpilot Score (Safety) 8.4/10  

Investment types

Personal/consumer loans

Investment example

Investment result forecast

Welcome bonus – affiliate/referral link

You can register to Fast Invest by clicking the button below. It will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

BONUS = €10 (after you invest €200 during the 30 days after registration and keep them invested for 90 days)

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