Hodlnaut Review: Up to 10.5% APY of crypto interests

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About Hodlnaut


Hodlnaut is a Singapore-based crypto lending platform that allows investors (holders of cryptocurrencies) to lend their cryptos and stablecoins in return for interest rates on their crypto. Let’s go into details in this Hodlnaut Review.

Hodlnaut offers a total of 6 lendable coins (stablecoins, crypto coins, tokens). Among those cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and stablecoins DAI (DAI), Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC).

Hodlnaut is available in most countries including the United States and interests are generated automatically based on the crypto you hold in your account and are paid on a weekly basis on Mondays.

Great! So we summarised the basics, let’s now jump in this Hodlnaut review.

How it works

The process is really simple. You simply need to open an account, deposit your crypto and the crypto will automatically generate weekly crypto dividends.

To start, you simply need to go on the Hodlnaut website and create yourself a Hodlnaut Interest Account (investment account).

Go on Hodlnaut or use the button below to register and get a $20 bonus.

Invest | $20 BONUS

For bonus: Register an invest min. $1,000

Steps to understand how Hodlnaut works

review of Hodlnaut process
Figure: How Hodlnaut works (source: Hodlnaut)

(1) Deposit you Bitcoin or alternative coin

For the deposit, you are provided a simple address based on the asset your want to deposit. Below are the coins you can deposit (Note that it is not currently possible to deposit fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP).

Hodlnaut depositable cryptos
Figure: Assets you can deposit on Hodlnault (source: Hodlnaut)

(2) Earn compound interests on your assets

Interests are earned on a weekly basis, paid always on Mondays.

You will be paid in the assets you hold. And if you hold several assets, you will earn in several assets.

For example if you hold 1 BTC and 1 ETH, then you will earn on a weekly basis:

  • 6.2% APY on your 1 BTC scaled to 1 week which is (6.2%*1 BTC)/52 weeks = 0062/52 = 0.00119231 BTC
  • 6.7% APY on your 1 ETH scaled to 1 week which is (6.7%*1 ETH)/52 weeks = 0.067/52 = 0.00128846 ETH

You have more information below about the rates.

(3) Receive payouts and withdraw funds

Withdrawal is also a pretty standard process. You need to indicate your wallet address and they will be transferred to it (with a minimum of 100 BTC per 24 hours).

Make sure to check the table in the section Hodlnaut fees, to understand withdrawal fees.

Other functions

Hodlnaut allows also to do a token swap, meaning converting crypto into another crypto. There are currently no swapping fees on the platform.

Hodlnaut review swapping fuction
Figure: Token swap on Hodlnaut (source: Hodlnaut)

Hodlnaut interest rates

Let’s get a look at the lending rates of the platforms, which are an important port of our Hodlnaut review. The image below summarises the main crypto lending rates.

review of Hodlnaut interest rates
Figure: Hodlnaut interest rates (source: Hodlnaut)

Let’s split them between cryptocurrencies and stable coins to have a closer look.

Cryptocurrencies rates

Hodlnaut offers between the highest lending returns on the market with rates reaching up to 6.7% APY for ETH and 6.2% APY for BTC and WBTC. These rates seem to be between the highest on the market as of 2021.

Stablecoins rates

On the downside, Hodlnaut offers lower returns than competitors on stable coins with a fix APY of 10.5%, while other competitors such as Celsius.Network reach up to 17%+.

In addition to this Hodlnaut review, you can read a full comparison of crypto lending platforms on our article: Best Crypto lending platforms.

Hodlnaut fees

Below you can find Hodlnaut fees for Withdrawal. There are currently no Deposit and Swap fees.

Withdrawal fees

Withdrawal fees are regularly adjusted according to blockchain conditions.

Hodlnaut fees
Figure: Hodlnaut Withdrawal fees (source: Hodlnaut)

Is Hodlnaut safe?

It is always complex to understand how safe is an investment platform, but looking at different levels such as the platform, the company, the management, can be good starting indicators and red flags.

Platform safety

  • The platform is secured by the technology Fireblocks.
  • The platform provides a 2 factor authentication security system (it’s highly advised).

Company safety:

  • Hodlnaut has raised a seed capital of $100k from the Venture Capital Antler. Antler is a global early-stage venture capital firm from Singapore that builds and invests in defining technology companies of tomorrow. As of July 2021, this VC has invested a total of $78M+ over 240 companies
  • Hodlnaut has currently (2021) raised $100k to develop his future business (see source)
  • Venture capitalists perform long due diligence processes to make sure what they are investing as safe as possible.
  • The company was founded by Simon Lee and Juntao Zhu. For both of them this seems to be the first company they’ve built.
  • The company has a total of 19 employees on LinkedIn which makes it smaller than it’s competitors such as Celcius.Network or Youhodler.

Pros & Cons

+ Up to 6.7% APR on cryptos
+ Weekly compound interest
+ No minimum investment amount
+ Unlimited lending duration
+ $94M in VC financings
– Up to 10.5% on stable coins
– 6 available coins (larger platforms have 30+)
– Relatively new platform (2019)
– No Crypto credit card available

Hodlnaut investment details

Investment currencies
41 supported coin
Return on investment (ROI)
10.5% APR on all stable coins
Up to 6.7% APR on cryptos (average at 6.3%)
rank 5/5
Minimum investment
rank 5/5
Investment period
rank 5/5
Investment fees
rank 5/5
Accepts US citizens
flag united-states
 Trustpilot Score (Safety)

Investment types

crypto lending
Crypto lending

Investment example

Investing with Hodlnaut is pretty straightforward. Once a cryptocurrency or stablecoin is deposited on the account, it will automatically start to generate passive crypto income.

Interests are paid on a weekly basis every Monday and are generated in the deposited currencies. So if you have BTC and ETH, you will receive interests in both currencies based on the APY and amount you hold.

The image below shows the investment dashboard of Hodlnaut. As you can see you have two main sections in the dashboard:

  • the Account Overview are will display your total portfolio amount, the interest paid and the future interests that you will recieve (paid on a weekly). You have also the possibility ti View your partfolio in different currencies: BTC, ETH, SGD, USD, EUR, GBP.
  • the Balances Overview displays the balance of each cryptocurrency and stablecoins, the related Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and the amount Available and it’s equivalent in h selected “View in” currency.
Hodlnaut review dashboard
Figure: Hodlnaut dashboard (source: Hodlnaut)

Investment result forecast

Below you will find the resulting forecast when investing using Hodlnaut. By investing $1’000 (Tether) using Hodlnaut for 10 years you might end up with $2,854 (Tether).

Hodlnaut investment simulator
Figure: Calculator of investments with Hodlnaut

Hodlnaut bonus and cashback

Thank you for reading our Hodlnaut review, please have a look at the bonus available for you.

Go on Hodlnaut or use the button below to register and get a $20 bonus.

Invest | $20 BONUS

For bonus: Register and invest min. $1,000

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