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Investors (09.2019) Investments (09.2019) Founded Country
viainvest investors+11’530 viainvest investments+8.6 M EUR viainvest founded2016 latvia flagLatvia
ViaInvest is a crowdlending platform in Lithuania where investors can invest in Consumer loans from European countries borrowers. The minimum investment size is €10. The interest rates have an average of 11% ROI per year and all investments are covered by a BuyBack guarantee (if the borrower defaults to pay you back, ViaInvest will pay you after 30 days).

ViaInvest doesn’t have any fees such as service or registration fees which is good. So you’ll only have to focus on finding good investments!

ViaInvest is part of the financial services provider VIA SMS Group:

  • composed of more than 220 employees
  • operating across Europe in 7 countries
  • founded in 2008 the company currently

Here are summarized KPIs of ViaInvest business performances

viainvest kpis

Here is how works the investment process at ViaInvest:

how works viainvest

  • Borrowers request a loan to the VIA SMS Group to make it available to lenders.
  • ViaInvest then automatically displays all active loans on the p2p lending platform making them available to lenders (investors).
  • Investors select a loan based on their desired criteria (type, ROI, risk, term duration), select an investment amount and confirm the investment.


ViaInvest is a “standard” crowdlending platform. You won’t get super excited by investing with ViaInvest since you can select only simple consumer loan with a similar ROI of 10-11%.

On the good side, the platform has a good track record since 2016 and is part of a large group VIA SMS Group active since 2008, which makes it safer than other p2p lending newcomers.

And finally, what is great in this platform is that you can find investments with a duration of less than 10 days, which wil allow you to have returns faster that you can reinvest just after few days.

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Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
+ Part of a large financial group stable since 2008
+ Short term investments (from 9 days)
+ BuyBack guarantee (paid after 30 days)
+ Minimum investment of €10
+ Detailed borrower information
+ Auto-invest available
– Interest rates of 11% slightly below market average (12%)
– Secondary market not available
– No diversified investments (Consumer loans)

Investment details

Investment currencies EUR
Return on investment (ROI) 11% rating 3
Minimum investment € 10 rating 4
Investment period 9 days – 1 year
Default rate 0%
Investment fees 0%
BuyBack guarantee Yes (after 30 days) check
Auto-invest Yes check
Secondary market No
Trustpilot Score (Safety) 7.5/10  

Investment types

Personal/consumer loan

Investment example

viainvest investment example

Investment result forecast

Below you will find the resulting forecast when investing using ViaInvest compared to investing the same amount in the US stock market (US stock market: 6% average yearly growth in the last 30 years).

By investing €1’000 using ViaInvest for 15 years you might end up with €4’785 (€2’388 more than with the stock market).

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