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FinBee Review

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FinBee is a crowdlending platform from Lithuania that allows investing in consumer and business loan. The platform works both as an investment platform and a loan originator, which mean that FinBee selects the loans by itself, does the risk analysis and provide them for on the platforms for investment.

This p2p lending platform allows investing starting from €5 which is one of the few platforms allowing to invest for this small amount (the market average is €10).

The returns are pretty high. The average return rate is +18% for Consumer loans (blue in the chart below) and +14.5% for Business loans (gree in the chart below).

finbee roi

On the downside, since this platform offers high-interest rates, it doesn’t offer a BuyBack guarantee feature. It means that the loans invested in might default and you might lose your invested amount (that the downside of having a high ROI). In the chart below you can see the statistics of defaults rates.

finbee default rate

As you can see the default rate at FinBee is of 11.21% in average, but 51.3% of the defaulted loans are recollected (last line), which brings the final default rate to 5.46%. There is also a difference in the default rate’s statistics between consumer and business loans:

  • Consumer loans: 12.99% default rate (48.2% recollected) = 6.72% final default rate
  • Business loans: 4% default rate (92.3 % recollected) = 0.3% final default rate

Which bring the final ROI of both loan types to:

  • Consumer loans: 18% ROI * 6.72% default = 16.86%
  • Business loans: 14.5% ROI * 0.3% default = 14.07%

This makes consumer laons more attractive that business loans.


FinBee is adapted to investors with a little existing experience in p2p lending.

Since the platform doesn’t offer a BuyBack guarantee options, you will have to evaluate the risk of your investments. But as an investor, you will have more fun than on other “static platform” where you can’t select any special options. In this case you will have to build your risk strategy by doing some calculations.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
+ Highest-interest rates (up to 27%, avg 18%)
+ Minimum investment of €5
+ Some business loans secured by collaterals
+ Fun platform (you must build your risk strategy)
+ Auto-invest available
+ Secondary market available
+ No account running fees
– No BuyBack guarantee
– Default rate of 5.46% on average
– Secondary market costs 1% if you sell loans

Investment details

Investment currencies EUR
Return on investment (ROI) 18%
Minimum investment € 5
Investment period 4 – 60 months rating 3
Default rate 5.46% rating 1
Investment fees 0%
BuyBack guarantee No
Auto-invest Yes check
Secondary market Yes (1% fee to sell) check
Trustpilot Score (Safety) NA  

Investment types

consumer loansPersonal loans business loansBusiness loans

Investment example

finbee investment example

Investment result forecast

Below you will find the resulting forecast when investing using FinBee compared to investing the same amount in the US stock market (US stock market: 6% average yearly growth in the last 30 years).

By investing €1’000 using FinBee for 15 years you might end up with €11’974 (€9’577 more than with the stock market).

FinBee bonus and cashback

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